Thursday, September 10, 2015

I thought...

I thought i am fine
I thought i am okay
I thought i am tough
I thought i am strong
I thought i am..just the way i thought i am.
But, no. May Allah will always be with me.amin amin..

How was your heart?

It is hard, and it is permanent. Unless a miracle do happen and wash it out from this You Allah, I surrender. 30th July.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

counting days for the third anniversary 1.6.2015

hurm..harap2 duit jatuh dari langit dan trus boleh trip kilat ke Abu Dhabi sempena ulangtahun..bhaaahhahaa.abu dhabi?kedai dobi sudehh

Thursday, April 09, 2015

Master oh master

Start register 2009..2015 tak abis2 lg..mungkin tahun ni pengakhiran nyer..amin amin

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Remember that book?

im not easy to handle if you dont know how to..not me alone. All women are. They are hard to handle BUT you will find it easy when you learn. Have you heard about kasanova,playboy? I think somehow we women owe them a recognition. They treat women well, right? and that's how women fell for them easily.

You know me well when i said something harsh, you dont take it seriously. But, if you respond to it emotionally, i dont really know you either then.

Sometimes, it is just how you take it. How you respond to it.

That book might help.a big help.

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

hahahhaha.. giler. this is our note discussing on our dream house, 3 yearsss ago

tingkap labbuh kaca water weather human proof, ada pagar kayu.
lasir kaler cream, atas pah bawoh
kipas kecut blh kembang
aircond, sbb syg org bangsar
lapu blh nyelur dimmed
lata lapik kayu wat comey
dlm umoh ada pokok mcm utan
tema kaler cream, dark brown,green mcm chelet resort
swimming pool ada 2, se panah, se sejuk
rumoh dop tinggi,lata paras 2anok tangga
tangki air ngejas jd menara
ada tmpt deco unggu api
ada wallpaper, pp island
pagar kaler putih,mcm org putih
laman org putih jugok
ada pokok buloh
* bhaahahahaha..BUT jangan terkejut.. most of the list mmg buat betul2 kaww.. swimming pool se panas se sejuk macam giler impossible.bahahhahaha

Sunday, April 05, 2015

En FM being cliché

"Abang, what is the best thing happened in your life?"

"Marrying you" *Cliché enough but cant help to be soooo melting

"Awww so sweet......tipu." hahahhaa

"ingat senang ke nak jumpa.6 years."

?? 6 years..kenal 3tahun jer before we met again and decide to get married.

"6 years? Bukan 3 ke"

"dari umur 24 usaha cari tau"

"ohh okey.gatai abg nk kawin awal2"


Throwback-august 2014, miscarriage

The first day of fasting month last year i had spotting.very very tiny spotted and i guessed it was my circle after a year of having Kyla. I did not feel any pain though. Until the 8th day if fasting.i still had the little tiny spot of was wierd because as far as i remember my circle was like 4 or 5 days. But i went to work as usual until after lunch *i didn't fast as i thought it was menstrual. I felt really hurt at my below tummy and it was not normal. I went to my class but i can't handle the pain was really hurt till i can't move.i tried to sleep but i became stronger and stronger. I called Farah to send me to clinic as in my mind it was something normal gastric or anything like that BUT not pregnancy problem.i had not any idea bout that. Until the doctor urged to have a pregnancy test and i was laughing at the moment as i thought impossible. I wa like just a month passed of my 3months depo injection and i thought it was toooo waayy early to get pregnant..*as people says that depo cause you difficult to get pregnant. But ita was damn wrong! Hahahaa.
Or i was so at the clinic, i was really shocked after doc said there was a bun in the oven.hehe. I didn't know how to react as i thought it was early. Then, the real problem came as the doc couldn't see anything in my womb as it supposed to be big enough to see it. Then she suspected me of having ectopic pregnancy! I went to the hospital immediately to make sure of it and it cause me a week stranded in the ward. I don't want to even remember the experience, i wish. I went through a number of vagina checking and it was wierd as the thrid day in the ward, the docs still can't locate my child..but then they were determine  that I'm not having ectopic so they let me discharged. I remembered i had not feel anything for 3weeks after that until a week after raya. I was spotting again but this time it was pretty heavy compared to the previous. It was becoming more and more blood after that till i have to pad and panties for a few times. But i felt pain. But then the next it becoming worsen. My husband sent me to the hospital again and while waiting in the emergency room, then i started to feel hurt at my below tummy. As i was checked. I felt a rush if blood flows down there and the doctor claimed that i was missing my child. At the moment, i cried as i felt guilty of not taking a good care of it. I felt irresponsible. But i have Kyla, at least. If not, I think probably i went crazy.

Monday, March 23, 2015


Kyla suka frozen. kadang2 nampak suka sangat2, kadang2 nampak mcm tak layan..but this morning it was proven.

'abg, mana beg echa adik?' (kami beli pasar malam dungun last week)

'jab, dlm kereta'
Kyla menonong ikut blakang abah dia
'Nah dik, gi kat mummy.buka ngan mummy.beg baru'

'ehh baby dapat beg baru, buka'

Kyla buka plastik, amik beg. tak nampak lagi kartun frozen sebab dia pegang blakang beg. dia pusing beg..

'hhh hhh hhh hhh' Kyla excited. imagine je macam org lelah macam mana.. macam tu lah dia pagi td.. sambil buat 'tok tok tok' *part grandfather clock lagu 'do you wanna build a snowman'..pastu lompat kuda sebelah kaki yg memang favorite move dia time excited tengok abah dia balik dari office.

ayoo. boleh dikategorikan addicted tak?

Sunday, February 08, 2015

That Pendant

the story goes like this.. hehehe

the second day trip, we went to UC silver, kilang buat silver accessories. the interior and exterior design of this place was really nice. detail nyer memang cantik. 
 dah lepas tengok pekerja tengah buat silver tu, terus kami masuk dalam gallery dia. en FM duk gila amik gambar. habis semua benda dia nak amik gambar. then, lepas masuk dalam gallery, i was like, woahhh.. sangat teruja dengan perbezaan dalam tempat pekerja bekerja tonggang tonggeng, berpeluh sakan, busuk bau silver besi semua ..tiba2 gallery macam tu.. pergh..memang cantik lah diorang buat. harga pun cantikkkkkk.. hehehe. mata dah lekat dekat satu pendant tu..cantik..belek2..letak..dtg balik kat situ..belek2 ..cantik.. ckp kat en FM cantik nye. 

"dah tu amik lah.."

"tu lah, cantik kan?"


okey..amik hp, kira, tukar rupiah ke RM.. OKAY, fine, RM 200++. FINE. letak.

"haha, tak pe lah abg..giler 200++ blanja benda lain lagi bagus"

terus tengok-tengok gitu2 je yang lain. Kak Ah and En Redhwan pun dah habis cuci mata..diorang ajak gerak tmpat lain. ok jom. 

senonong aku keluar ikut Kak Ah n En Redhwan. siap bincang2..amik2 gambar kat luar. tgk toilet mcm toilet kat konsert2 tu..cikenet je..hilang mood nak membuang..xper lah..cari tempat lain (last2 toilet kat tegalalang..lagi hancusss..padan muka). dah nak sampai kat kereta, aik, mana en FM. tunggu2. x keluar2. amik gambar lah nih..xper lah gi panggil. tolak je pintu gallery tu, terus nampak en FM kat kaunter pembayaran. Aik, ke.... tak kot... yer kot...

sengeh2 gi kat en FM

"abg beli apa..." suara sebak tiba2 sambil senyum gedik.

"xder apa"


"xder apa"

budak cashier tu senyum2. mesti dia ckap kitorang sweet. bhaahahaha


the next day di tepi pantai Tanah Lot, dia bagi kotak pendant tu..wahhhh sweet abes kawww. 

"happy anniversary, hahahaha"

and i saw that pendant.sangaat sweet kan?

jab, tibaaa-tibaaa plak anniversary. tahun gajah?

en FM gelak. 

UC silver @ Bali
tempat staff buar silver

sangat gigih

tingkat bawah

the gallery *en Redhwan in the picture.
that pendant

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

berkongkang ke Bali, Pulau Dewataraya

It was like a dream comes true lah,trip ke Bali ni. I fell in love with Bali after i saw Tanah Lot for the first time on internet and for me the place is like..heaven on earth and i promise myself to be there one day. Asking FM to approve ths trip was tricky you know, in the middle of finishing our new home, of course the money was a very critical issue and a trip to anywhere seems like a mission impossible. I dont know why i have a gut to tell him about this trip and he was like 'uh uh, no..bla bla bla'. Okay. After few times discussing about this, okay fine, we did not discuss but ME keep telling him about bali this, bali that. Hahaha. Then, i went like, ok fine this is not working, maybe next time.maybe he will approve after i've sign the form for him to kawin dua. Who knows. Wait, abg. In your dream. X bali pun tak apa lah, istanbul ada...bhahahaha.
ok, to cut the story short, one fine day, he called me at office and asked me about flight ticket to Bali. I was like, maybe he was just checking , not really going. But, then i learnt that he was serious. I dont really know the reason for him to approve this trip and i chose not to care a bit since HELL Yeah, im going to Bali, thats it.haha. so, these are the photos. Have a look and be jealous, tq. Bye.

this is Uluwatu Temple, the first place we went on the first day. since our arrival was quite early (around 2pm) so we were able to go to Uluwatu and watch Kecak Dance after checked in hotel. ( Hotel Wina Holiday Villa -Halal food restaurant)

me on top of the cliff. nothing else i can say except Subhanallah. Indian Ocean, please return our MH370

love this picture.

preparation before the dance. look at the sunset. Subhanallah

Sita dan Rama.maybe.hehe
enFM was like over the moon to get pictured with this creature.Hanuman.
after Uluwatu, we went to have our dinner at Jimbaran beach. be careful, the price was perghhhhhh... you might spent hundreds here. in ringgit. but we are so fortunate because our supir had advice us on how to avoid too much spending on the meals- just avoid the lobster. that's it.hahahha
Bali hard rock cafe - i dont know why we went there. KL has HRC as well. but do we care? no.

the next day, we went to this place-forget the name but it is the place to produce silver accessories. nice place and NICE price. bhahahaha.. you know wht, okay fine it is too long to tell here, buat post lain lah nanti cerita balik..sweet sangat en FM sini. hehe

next destination, Pasar Sukawati. we grabbed two paintings here for our new house. hehe.

Tegalalang. too bad because it was not the time where you can see all the yellowish paddy. they were just after the harvest period. but still, the pictures are all beautiful here. hijau dan segar.

i just don't have any idea that this trip is for celebrating their 12 anniversary! (if im not mistaken lah, 11 or 12..hahaha) patut lah lover dovey sangattt..
we went to coffee shop. does it look like a coffee shop for you?hahaha.
then we went to Kintamani mountain. look at the scenery. beautiful but be careful. it is still active
lunch on top of the hill. sejuk macam cameron highland. buffet. eat and eat until you gemuk. hahha.
the third day: at Taman Ayun.
now i believe he has some sharp skills as photographer.hhahahha..
the mosttttttt fav picture of all time in Bali.

okay, Tanah lot picture is coming.. tomorrow i will upload. hahhaa.

okay now, seriously, i am about to brief you on our itinerary for this trip. it was working for us as we had a smooth and fun maybe it will help you guys out there who are planning to go there next time. the first rule is you have to choose the right supir! i am going to introduce you the best supir ever.hhhahhaa.. pak ali! he was so nice and kind. and he knows all the halal food restaurant all over Bali. so no need to bring Maggi or what so ever. he will stop at kedai halal whenever and wherever you want. call him. +6281338206878. Basically, as you can see below, it is our trip.

green: first day, black: second day, Purple: third day
itinerary in detail. for the price, it is still relevant for 2015 i think. and actually we saved a lot here and there. maybe you can find other tricks to save your budget.

Monday, April 28, 2014

my life my happiness

ya Allah..alhamdulillah for everything you gave me. alhamdulillah.. a family.. a great husband.. a cute healthy little girl. thank you..

Friday, February 14, 2014


dah 3 hari..dah makin kurang rasanya..bila mislaiha terasa hati..macam ni lah..makan masa jugak lah nak hilang.lain kalo rasa marah..kalo marah cepat jer hilang.tapi kalo terasa hati ni..makan dalam sikit..cuba jugak nak jadi mcm sesetengah orang..yang mana bila terasa hati dia pendam dan x tunjuk sikit pun kat depan orang..pernah cuba..semalam2 pun cuba..tapi ish x kuat lah.. tertunjuk jgk..jadi x banyak cakap.banyak diam. kalo nak diikutkan ..gila banyak benda jadi kat office 3 hari ni..aku duk sibuk tempah main bowling ngn geng2 breakfast supervisor.lepak ngn kyla tepi pantai..bawa kyla masuk office setengah hari kelmarin..English Night..gossip2 tati management..tapi satu pun x terkeluar dr mulut.. *sebelum ni pun mmg jenis jarang bercerita..mudah lupa..kene plak keadaan gini..memang tak lah.

insyaAllah..dah ok. aminn...ya Allah..jauhkan hasutan2 syaitan nih..